DIY fiberglass pool step repair

In-ground pools built with fiberglass steps can sometimes experience erosion of the sand or soil under the steps.  The lack of support under the steps results in flexing and possible cracking of the steps.  Cracking can lead to safety issues and further erosion of the backfill around the steps and pool deck.  Before Secure Set, homeowners often had to remove, backfill, and replace the steps at considerable expense. In most cases, the steps were destroyed in the removal process, adding to the expense. 

Simple and Lasting Pool Step Repair with Secure Set Spray Foam.

Secure Set Spray Foam is a two component, high density, closed cell polyurethane foam and can be used to easily fill the voids under and around the fiberglass pool steps. Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Access Holes:  Several 3/8″ holes are drilled in the areas to be filled.
  2. Material Injection:  Spray Foam is injected in the holes.
  3. Hole Sealing:  Homeowner uses fiberglass repair kit to seal the access holes.  (We do not sell these or offer instructions on fiberglass repair.)

As the spray foam fills the cavity, it will harden and cure quickly, restoring the solid integrity of the steps. 

Secure Set Spray Foam is both a cost-effective and time-saving solution for repairing fiberglass pool steps.  It can also be used to fill voids under your pool deck.


A homeowner uses Secure Set Spray Foam to fill a void under fiberglass pool steps. Secure Set will not only support the steps, it will prevent further erosion.

Watch the videos on this page to see how homeowners use Secure Set Spray foam to fill open, extended, and hidden voids.

Videos showing how to use Secure Set Spray Foam

The videos below demonstrate two cases where Secure Set Spray Foam was used to fill different voids. We encourage you to watch both as there are similarities and some unique elements to each project which can apply to many other projects as well.

Restoring Fiberglass Pool Steps with Secure Set Spray Foam
Filling Voids Under Pool Decks with Secure Set Spray Foam
No+Concrete+Removal 1920w

DIY Void Filling with Secure Set

Our customers do their research and often compare bids from contractors to rip out and replace a concrete slab or level it with other methods before deciding to use Secure Set on their own.

Two things stand out as factors in choosing to do it themselves:

  1. Cost – Using Secure Set often saves them several thousands of dollars.
  2. Time – removing and replacing a slab takes time and renders the area unusable for several days while the concrete cures.

With Secure Set Spray Foam there is no need to remove concrete, backfill and compact the soil, and then replace the concrete.  Even hard to reach or hidden voids can be filled with Secure Set. 

What our Customers Say

Here’s what Guy L. told us about his experience with Secure Set Spray Foam

“I used Secure Set Foam to backfill my pool steps and it worked great! The instructions that shipped with it were easy to follow and the process was a breeze, saved me $800 doing it myself!”

Brett T. had this to say about our product:

“Used this to support pool steps and the project turned out great. Reviewed their videos for ideas and followed the directions to warm the canisters since I applied in lower temps without any issues.”

Downloadable Guides

Secure Set Spray Foam Instructions

Secure Set
Spray Foam Instructions

This is an instruction set you will definitely want to read to make your project a success.
Secure Set Spray Foam Temperature Guide

Secure Set
Spray Foam Temperature Guide

There is an ideal temperature range to get the best results from Secure Set Spray Foam. This applies to product, ground, and ambient temperature.
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