Find Answers to Your Secure Set Foam Product Questions

Secure Set expanding foam products are ideally suited for both DIY and commercial use. Below you will find the most common questions our customers ask when considering using Secure Set products for their projects.  Questions are categorized by product type and are updated on a regular basis. 

Secure Set Spray Foam FAQ's

We recommend a 3/8" diameter masonry bit.  You'll want to have one long enough to drill through your concrete slab. You'll also need enough length to drill through the thickness of hardened foam for additional lift. Some customers have reported slab thicknesses between 3" and 11", so having a longer bit ready will save you time.

Click here to download instructions for using extension tubes with Secure Set Spray Foam. 

Normal shelf life is up to 12 months from date of manufacture. Shelf life may be decreased when exposed to temperatures over 110℉. Cooler storage areas will ensure proper shelf life.

The actual expiration date is stamped on the tanks and shipping box.  For best results, we recommend ordering the product 2 to 8 weeks before your expected project start.  

Once you drill through the concrete slab, you can use a wire with a 90 degree bend in the end you insert.  This allows you to "grab" the bottom of the slab first to measure the slab thickness.  Then, you will reinsert the wire until it hits ground and measure the difference.  Keep in mind the height of the void will vary, so you'll want to take several measurements.  Using a hammer, you can tap the concrete surface to determine the width and length of the void.  The hammer will sound different over solid areas. Check our videos for examples. Another option is to use a borescope/endoscope to visually inspect the void.  We recommend buying one with dual-lens technology, providing multiple viewing angles. 

Using extensions tubes can decrease the yield of the product. Testing with a 50' extension significantly reduced the volume of foam and increased the density. Even 10' extensions have been found to reduce the yield. It is difficult to estimate the reduced yield due to variables including product, ground, and ambient temperatures.

Secure Set Spray Foam can be used as an insulation layer.  It has an R value of 6 per 1" of thickness.  Two 1" layers would provide an R value of 12. 

No, the liquid mix is a completely different formula of polyol products, which must be mixed at a high speed,
It also does not have the gas mixed into the products. The Spray Foam tanks are not refillable. They are disposable once gas is entirely dispensed. Check with your local waste management company for rules of disposing of the empty canisters and hoses. There is no longer a hazmat issue after the gas is dispensed.

An order for Secure Set is normally processed and shipped the same day it is received, if the order arrives before 2pm Central Time (Monday thru Friday). Transit times vary from 1 to 4 days depending on the destination address. All shipments originate from Oklahoma. Most shipments arrive in 3 days or less.

GRA Services has not tested Secure Set Extra Heavy Duty Spray Foam for lifting structures, support walls, or footings.  Many customers have used the product for those projects and reported great success.  

Secure Set Mix & Pour FAQ's

Normal shelf life is 24 months. Shelf life is affected by storage temperature. The hotter the shed or warehouse, (110 degrees F or hotter) the greater the possibility the resin will separate in the “B” component, thus shortening the shelf life. Cooler storage areas will ensure proper shelf life.

Secure Set is an inert plastic, closed-cell, structural foam that will not allow water or air to move through it. It does not leach or have any nutritional value that would promote fungicidal or bacterial growth. It has no effect on the soil or the environment around the post.

Since Secure Set is a closed-cell material, water or air (oxygen) does not move through it. Without air or water next to the post below ground line, there is no rot or rust. Therefore wood, metal, and vinyl posts will last years and years longer than if they had been set in concrete.

No. Gravel is used as a means to drain away water that can be trapped in the concrete around your post. Since Secure Set is a closed cell, high density foam, no water or air can penetrate it. When using Secure Set there is no need for the additional purchase and use of gravel.

Click on the “Calculate Your Project”   button and input your project details. The resulting information will be the total number of ounces needed of both Part A & Part B (which is always equal amounts).

An 80lb bag of concrete will fill a half (.50) cubic feet. One gallon of Secure Set will fill 2 and a half (2.50) cubic feet.

If a 8″ diameter x 24″ deep hole is used to set a 4″x4″ post, you could use one SS-SP-824-1 kit or you could set five (5) posts with one gallon Secure Set SSF-4-10-5 kit.

Please use the Calculate Your Project button below

Secure Set is a green product and environmentally safe. As an inert plastic foam, Secure Set has an expected life of more than 40 years.

Frost heave is the result of moisture freezing that is trapped in the soil around the base of your post. Traditionally, concrete has been used to set fence posts. However, because of its porous nature, concrete absorbs water and contributes to the nuisance of frost heave when freezing temperatures have penetrated into the soil. Secure Set is very effective for setting posts in these conditions because, as a closed-cell, high-density structural foam it will not absorb water. Preventing frost heave is accomplished with the use of Secure Set and by digging your holes with a bell shape so that the bottom of the hole is slightly wider than the top of the hole. When the moisture in the soil freezes it expands, exerting lateral or sideways pressure on the base of the post. With a bell-shaped hole, the sideways pressure tends to force the post down into the hole instead of up. If your hole has a V shape, where the top is wider than the bottom, and you have used concrete, these two factors traditionally have contributed to the post being “pinched” up and out of the ground.

Secure Set is formulated to be used in DRY SOIL* CONDITIONS.  If a post hole has standing water in it or if the soil is highly saturated or muddy, take appropriate measures to remove the water and dry the post hole.  One method is to extract the water with a "ShopVac", then reverse the hose and use it as a blower to dry out the soil.  Another method is to use a weed burner or propane torch.  If Secure Set is combined with standing water, it will hyperactivate and the resultant foam will overflow the hole and its strength will be diminished.  
*Sandy soil:  Secure Set seeps into the soil before expansion and does not latch on well to sandy soil or wet soil.  You can use concrete form tubes to pour into if tightly backfilled.  

Fence posts: should be buried 1/4 of the overall height of the post for line posts and 1/3 for corner/gate posts

Mailboxes: should be buried 2 ft. or 25% in the ground

Flagpoles: should be buried 10% plus 2 ft. in the ground.

Decks(recommended no higher than 5ft. above ground): should be buried 1/3 in the ground.

Gazebos, pergolas, pole barns, retaining walls, ranch fencing, sail shades and batting cages: posts should be buried 1/3 in the ground.

Antennas, lamp posts, birdhouses: should be buried 25% in the ground (depending on top load)

Small satellite dishes: should be buried 2 ft. in the ground.

Park benches: should be buried 50% in the ground.

Street light poles and road/traffic signs: should be buried as per municipality guidelines

An order for Secure Set is normally processed and shipped the same day it is received, if the order arrives before 2pm Central Time (Monday thru Friday). Transit times vary from 1 to 4 days depending on the destination address. All shipments originate from Oklahoma. Most shipments arrive in 3 days or less.

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