Expanding Foam for DIY Projects. Set Fence Posts | Fill Voids | Slab Jacking | Pool Step Repair and more

Secure Set Expanding Foam - DIY projects done easy.

Secure Set Expanding Foam is becoming the top choice over concrete for a wide range of DIY projects. Countless homeowners have experienced firsthand how Secure Set allows them to complete projects without straining their back or draining their bank account.  Secure Set is available in two formulations:  Mix & Pour or Spray Foam. 

Secure Set Mix and Pour Foam is perfect for the installation of almost any type of post or pole. Our confidence in this statement stems from the fact that the utility industry has relied on Secure Set for decades to install utility poles. Unlike concrete, which is heavy, messy, and time-consuming to cure, Secure Set is none of those things, and it is even stronger than concrete.

Secure Set Spray Foam has saved homeowners thousands of dollars on projects that would have traditionally required the removal and replacement of concrete. It can raise and level concrete slabs, repair soft fiberglass pool steps, fill eroded areas under sidewalks, pool decks, and patios. This versatile product was even utilized by the military to eliminate vibration in an ordinance testing facility.

Click on any of the uses below to explore how Secure Set can help you with your home project.  Use our online calculators to determine how much product you’ll need for your project.


Doug Reeves Foam Expert


About Secure Set

GRA Services International developed Secure Set over 20 years ago to install and straighten electric utility poles. We later added Secure Set Spray Foam to help level transformer pads.

Because the foam is high-density, we tested ways the products could be used by consumers for DIY projects. These included lifting concrete, filling voids under sidewalks, patios, pool decks and pool steps. And we continue looking for more ways our products can make it easy for consumers to accomplish projects on their own, saving them both time and money.

Like our products, we continue to expand the information on our website to help you. One of the most common calls we receive starts out with “I watched your videos and am wondering if Secure Set can help me…” We continue to add videos, FAQ’s and other information based on customer questions and to make it easier for you to decide if Secure Set is a good fit for your project.

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